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Introducing Advanced Reports Of Maritime Data With API

 We are excited to introduce our new “Maritime Advanced Reports” data endpoints, offering access to an extensive range of data. This enhancement means that in addition to thevessel tracking services that we provide, you now can have access to other insightful endpoints.

Maritime data API

Accessing Maritime Data

From tracking the dry docking dates of vessels across the globe to providing detailed insights into ship casualties and maritime company profiles, our service is an essential tool for shipowners, logistics professionals, and maritime enthusiasts.

A significant advantage of our new system is the ability to access maritime data through a single API request.

This flexibility allows you to extract data weekly or as needed, directly from our database.
With your API key, you have full control over the data retrieval process. Whether it’s checking specific maritime company details, vessel beneficial owners details, or more you can download a CSV file where all the updated records will be saved.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate our services into your existing systems with our user-friendly API. Weekly updated data ensure you have the latest information at your fingertips, facilitating informed decision-making.

Report Generation

Along with accessing the data through a single API call, you can also download your own CSV file with the whole updated records available iand saved in our database.

To submit a report request, simply use the POST method with a JSON payload. Detailed instructions on how to generate a report are available under each endpoint.

You can also check our step-by-step on how to generate a report.


The New Available Endpoints


1. Dry Dock Dates:

The Dry Dock Dates API offers tracking and information of both planned and actual dry docking periods for vessels worldwide. This information is essential for shipowners, maritime service providers, and logistics companies to plan maintenance, ensure compliance, and optimize operational efficiency.

API Response Example:

2. Maritime Companies:

Discover comprehensive data about maritime companies. Our service covers a wide range of details including company type, country code, and operational status. Accessing this information is as easy as submitting the company name or IMO Vessel Number.

API Response Example:

3. Ship Casuality:

Gain insight into ship casualties with detailed records that include incident types, specific dates, and narrative details. This invaluable data helps in understanding the risks and patterns in maritime operations.

API Response Example:

4. Ship Inspections and detentions

Our API provides detailed information about vessel inspections, including inspection date, location, type, and any deficiencies found. This service is essential for compliance and safety monitoring.

API Response Example:

5. Ship Sales, Purchase, and Demolitions

Track ship sales, purchases, and demolitions with our detailed records. This data includes types of incidents, specific dates, and additional narrative details, offering a comprehensive view of the maritime market dynamics.

API Response Example:

6. Ship Ownership:

Find detailed information about vessel ownership, including beneficial owners, operators, and managers. This service is crucial for understanding the ownership structure and operational control of vessels.

API Response Example:

7. Vessel Engines:

Obtain comprehensive details about vessel engines, including type, builder, and designer.

API Response Example:

7. Classification Society:

Access detailed ship information such as classification society, IMO number, vessel name, vessel size, engine details, and ownership data.

API Response Example:

Unlimited Access to Maritime Data with the Advanced Report Plan

With a single subscription, users are granted an unparalleled level of access. This plan is not just another addition to the existing array of services; it stands out distinctly in its offering.

Unlike the Developer Pro plan and other services primarily focused on vessel tracking, the Advanced Report plan caters to a broader range of needs.

What sets this plan apart is that subscribers can make an unlimited number of requests, ensuring that there are no restrictions on the volume of records or data they can retrieve. This feature marks a significant shift from the norm, where access is often limited and tied to specific data quotas.

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