Ship Inspections and Detentions API

Access the global vessel inspection and detention API data. Ensure the safety and compliance of maritime vessels and get data about inpections dates, type, port and even authority.


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Inspections And Detentions Vessel API

Vessel Inspections and Detention Data Information


Explore the technical data specifications inspection and detention details of vessels.

This table provides you with a complete overview of our static vessel detention and inspection records, with detailed explanations for each record.

Field NameDescription
IdA unique identifier for the vessel.
ImoInternational Maritime Organization number, unique to each vessel.
Vessel NameThe name of the vessel.
Vessel Type CodeThe type of the vessel, indicated as "Stan" in this case.
Flag CodeThe country code for the flag under which the vessel is registered.
Inspection DateThe date when the vessel was last inspected.
Inspection AuthorityThe authority responsible for inspecting the vessel.
Inspection PortThe port where the inspection took place.
Inspection TypeThe type of inspection carried out, in this case, "Detailed".
DetentionIndicates whether the vessel was detained during the inspection.
Ship DeficienciesThe number of deficiencies found during the inspection.
Deficiency DescriptionDetailed description of the deficiencies found during the inspection.
Technical Ism ManagerThe entity responsible for the vessel's technical ISM (International Safety Management) code compliance.
Country CodeThe country code where the technical ISM manager is based.
WebsiteThe official website of the technical ISM manager.
EmailThe email address for contacting the technical ISM manager.
PhoneThe phone number for contacting the technical ISM manager.
AddressThe physical address of the technical ISM manager.
Company ImoInternational Maritime Organization number unique to the company managing the vessel.
Modified AtThe date and time the data was last updated, in ISO 8601 format.

Example Inspections and Detention API Request

    Find detailed information about vessel inspections, from the date and location to the type of inspection and any deficiencies found.

    Example Ship Inspection API Request:

    Request Parameters:

    api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

    imo – IMO Vessel Number

    name– Company name

    from, to – Define a specific time frame (format yyyy-mm-dd)

    Here is an example using from,to as parameter for Ship Inspection:


    Inspections and Detention Data API Response Example


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    about inspections and detentions database

    About The Inspections and Detention API

    Our mission is to provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date data on vessels that have undergone inspections or detentions by authorities around the world.

    Our inspection and detention API data contain a wealth of data on vessels, including their IMO numbers, vessel names, vessel type codes, inspection dates and authorities, flag codes, built years, detentions, and much more.

    Whether you’re a shipowner, insurer, or other maritime professional, our database can help you make more informed decisions and better manage risk.

    Different Vessel Types In One Database


    We have 13,3092 records about vessel Inspections. This database can access through API and it spans various vessel types—from commercial vessels to fishing boats and oil tankers—providing comprehensive information on safety ratings, violations, and maintenance history.

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