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Discover in-depth vessel ownership information, including current and historical ownership data, contact information for vessel owners, commercial and technical details and operator managers with our comprehensive vessel ownership database.

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Vessel ownership API

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Explore the technical specifications and ownership details of vessels.

This table provides you with a complete overview of our static records, with detailed explanations for each record, and with the possibility to add more.

Field NameDescription
IdA unique identifier for the vessel.
ImoInternational Maritime Organization number, unique to each vessel.
Vessel NameThe name of the vessel.
Beneficial OwnerThe entity that enjoys the benefits of owning the vessel, even though its title may be in another name.
Beneficial Owner CountryThe country of the beneficial owner.
OperatorThe company responsible for the vessel's operational activities.
Operator CountryThe country where the operator is based.
Flag NameThe flag under which the vessel is registered.
Vessel Type CodeType of the vessel, e.g., "Bulk" for bulk carrier.
Built YearThe year the vessel was built.
BuyerThe entity purchasing the vessel.
Dwt DesignDeadweight tonnage design; indicates the vessel's carrying capacity in metric tonnes.
Class1 CodeClassification code according to a certain class; may be null if not applicable.
Technical ManagerThe entity responsible for the technical management of the vessel.
Technical Manager CountryThe country where the technical manager is based.
Commercial ManagerThe entity responsible for the vessel's commercial operations.
Commercial Manager CountryThe country where the commercial manager is based.
Modified AtThe date and time the data was last updated.

Example Vessel Ownership API Request:

    Find information about vessel ownership, providing details on beneficial owners, operators, and managers of the vessel.

    Example Vessel Ownership API Request:

    Request Parameters:

    api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

    imo– IMO vessel number

    name– Vessel name.

    beneficial_owner– Name of the beneficial owner.

    operator– Name of the operator.

    technical_manager– Name of the technical manager.

    commercial_manager– Name of the commercial manager.

    Here is an example using from,to as parameter for Vessel Onwership:{API_KEY}&beneficial_owner=Steamship

    Vessel Ownership Data API Response Example


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    About Vessels Ownership API Data

    Datalastic vessels ownership API  data is a comprehensive resource for anyone seeking detailed information on vessel ownership.

    The ownership data provided is up-to-date and reliable, including the name of the current owner, their contact information, and relevant identifiers.

    In fact it is designed to meet the needs of ship brokers, vessel owners, and maritime industry professionals who require accurate and detailed ownership information to make informed decisions.

    Different Vessel Types In One Database

    The coverage of commercial vessels includes container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, and other types of cargo vessels. We also provide vessel ownership API data for passenger vessels, such as cruise ships and ferries, as well as offshore vessels and other types of specialty vessels.

    We have 49,000 records about vessel owners, combined from 14,000 records for bulk, 9,400 records for tankers, 4,000 records for other types of vessels, and many more.

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