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Select your maritime tracking API plan that suits you the most and start using Datalastic maritime data straight away.

The special offer below indicates a first-month special price.

Vessel API Pricing

You are free to cancel your services any time you want either via your personal section after logging in or writing us a request to

 After the first month of special offer, your plan will automatically update to the standard offering and the monthly fee will change from 4€ to 99€, from 14€ to 280€ from 28€ to 499€ and from 56€ to 990€ depending on your selected plan. 

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Datalastic Pricing Frequently Asked Questions
What do you mean by "requests" in the pricing table?

Each time your application or project needs to get data from the Datalastic database it sends a call aka request to our databases. Therefore these “Requests” refer to the number of calls to the Datalastic marine tracking database.

We use a smart customer protection technique to track your requests consumption. Also, when you reach the limit of your monthly calls, the system will protect you from overspending. For example. Datalastic blocks the incoming calls in case the user reached the limit.

Also, our marine tracking API will automatically reset to zero at the beginning of your billing month.

If you require more requests to be processed you can easily change your plan at any time and increase your request capacity.

Read more about API requests on Rapid API website



Can I switch between the plans?

It is totally possible to switch marine tracking API plans in your personal profile.

Feel free to upgrade or downgrade your plan based on your current needs.

Can I have multiple users in 1 account or I need to create a separate one?

Monthly GOLD and PLATINUM allow up to 3 users per account. Though BRONZE and SILVER plans allow only 1 user to access the API.

Is there anyone to support me with my questions?

Yes, of course! After the payment for API is done and you re ready to use it, you can access your personal account settings a receive supporting documentation. Moreover, you can also always writing to Datalastic support for further inquiries to