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Dry Dock API
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Dry Dock Dates Information


The table allows you to get an understanding of the data provided like the vessel’s name, International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, dry dock and survey dates, as well as the technical manager responsible for its operations.

Field NameDescription
IdUnique identifier for the entry
ImoInternational Maritime Organization number for the vessel
Vessel_nameName of the vessel
Special_survey_dateDate when the special survey for the vessel is scheduled
Dry_dock_dateDate when the vessel is scheduled to go into dry dock
Iopp_issue_dateIssue date of the International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate
Iopp_exp_dateExpiry date of the International Oil Pollution Prevention certificate
Country_nameCountry where the vessel is registered (null if not available)
Technical_managerName of the organization responsible for the technical management of the vessel
Country_codeISO country code representing the country of the technical manager
WebsiteWebsite URL of the technical manager
EmailEmail address for contacting the technical manager
PhonePhone number for contacting the technical manager
AddressPhysical address of the technical manager
LinkedinLinkedIn profile associated with the technical manager (or other relevant personnel)
Modified_atTimestamp indicating when the data was last modified

Example Dry Dock Dates API Request:


Request Parameters:

api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

imo – IMO Vessel Number

name– Vessel name

dry_dock_from, dry_dock_to– Define a specific time frame (format yyyy-mm-dd)

Here is an example using IMO as a parameter for Dry Dock Dates:


Dry Dock Dates Data API Response Example


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About Dry Dock Dates Vessels Data

Datalastic Dry Dock Dates Data is your go-to resource for in-depth insights into vessel maintenance schedules , accessible through our API subscription.

We provide reliable and up-to-date dry dock dates, technical manager details, and critical information like IOPP statuses and expiration dates, country name and code. Along with the contact information.

Different Vessel Types In One Database

We have 60,741 records of when ships go for repair or check-ups, called dry dock dates. This includes all kinds of ships like cargo ships, fishing boats, and fancy yachts. You can get this info through our special online tool (API) or download it as a report.

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