Ship Casualty API and Database 

Access vessel list data about the latest ship casualties, detailed causality description, causality type, and much more in a single Ship Casualty API and Reports. 


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Vessel Casualty API

Examples of the Ship Casualty API Types

Live Vessel Data API Endpoint

Vessel Collision Data

Get detailed information about vessel collision and the damage taken.  

Selected Zone tracking ship data Endpoint
Mechanical Fault Data

Access vessel mechanical and engine fault data API with a detailed description of the malfunction of the ship. 

Maritime Port Data Endpoint
Fire on a Vessel Data

Find incident report on fire and the fire damage on vessels in a single report. 

Vessel Descriptive information API Endpoint
Vessel Piracy Data

Find a detailed report about vessel piracy and related vessel piracy information. 

Ship Casualty Database

Find this comprehensive overview of all the data in the Ship Casualty Database and Vessel Incidents API. It includes technical and operational data on various maritime incidents and malfunctions.  This object table provides description of all data points available in ship causality report and database. 

Field NameDescription
IMO NumberThe IMO number of the vessel involved in the incident.
Vessel NameThe full name of the vessel.
Casualty DateDate when the incident took place.
Casualty TypeThe type of the casualty, for example, collision, fire, piracy, engine failure, capsize and more.
Casualty DetailsDetailed description of the casualty with parties involved.

Sample of Ship Casualty API Database

See the Ship Casualty Database sample that gives you an understanding of the type of data you would typically get.

The Ship Casualtys database API includes detailed information on vessel incidents from various countries, allowing you to explore their causality and reasons for defects.

Ship Casualty Data API

Ship Casualty:

    Retrieve detailed records of ship casualties, including types of incidents, specific dates, and additional narrative details.

    Example Ship Casualty API Request:

    Request Parameters:

    api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

    imo– IMO Vessel Number

    name– Company name

    from, to-Define a specific time frame (format yyyy-mm-dd)

    Here is an example using from,to as parameter for Ship Casualty:


    Ship Sales and Demolitions API Response Example:

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    Ship Casualty API

    About Ship Casualty API

    The database provides a comprehensive list about companies operating in the maritime industry, as shipping, logistics, ports managers, and more. The Maritime Companies API includes all the essential details such as company name (both short and long), company type, country code, address, and other relevant data.

    We gather data about more than 14500 records about maritime companies.

    Our data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and completeness, and gathered all in one database, which is accessible via an API.