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Access data about ships classification society, unique identification number (IMO), name, size specifications, engine details, and information about its owner and technical manager!

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Classification Society API
Live Vessel Data API Endpoint

Vessels Details

Obtain the the general information about  for vessels, IMO, type, DWT, year of built and more in API format

Selected Zone tracking ship data Endpoint
Survey Dates

Access survey dates and types, dry dock dates, and classification society class

Maritime Port Data Endpoint
Engine Types

View engines types for vessels, builder, designer, depth, populasion code type in an API format

Vessel Descriptive information API Endpoint
Owners and Managers

Find name and business details of Technical Managers, beneficial owner data in an API format

Classification Society Information

The table provides insights into key information such as the vessel’s name, International Maritime Organization (IMO) number, classification society code, survey history, the beneficial owner and technical manager.

Field NameDescription
ImoInternational Maritime Organization number for the vessel
Vessel NameName of the vessel
Vessel Type CodeType of the vessel, e.g., Bulk, Container, etc.
Flag NameName of the country under which the vessel is registered
Built YearThe year the vessel was built
DWT DesignDesign Deadweight Tonnage of the vessel
Special Survey DateDate when the special survey for the vessel is scheduled (null if not available)
Dry Dock DateDate when the vessel is scheduled to go into dry dock (null if not available)
Class1 CodeClassification society code (e.g., ABS, DNV, etc.)
Beneficial Owner IMOIMO number of the beneficial owner of the vessel
Beneficial OwnerName of the organization that is the beneficial owner of the vessel
Technical Manager IMOIMO number of the technical manager of the vessel
Technical ManagerName of the organization responsible for the technical management of the vessel
Draft DesignDesign draft of the vessel in meters
NTNet Tonnage of the vessel
GTGross Tonnage of the vessel
LOALength Overall of the vessel in meters
LBPLength Between Perpendiculars of the vessel in meters
DepthDepth of the vessel in meters
Beam MouldedMoulded beam of the vessel in meters
Engine BuilderName of the company that built the engine for the vessel
Engine DesignerName of the company that designed the engine for the vessel
Propulsion Type CodeType of propulsion system used in the vessel
Modified AtTimestamp indicating when the data was last modified

Classification Society:

    Find information about a ship such as its classification society, unique identification number (IMO), name, size specifications, engine details, and information about its beneficial owner and technical manager.

    Example Vessel Classification Society API Request:

    Request Parameters:

    api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

    imo– IMO vessel number

    name– Vessel name.

    fuzzy– allows you to broaden name parameter search. Fuzzy=0 means you are searching for an exact match of the name parameter. If you set up fuzzy=1 Datalastic API will search for a similar name parameter value, for example, “Eric” and “Erica” will appear for “Erica” search.

    beneficial_owner– Name of the beneficial owner.

    beneficial_owner_imo– Beneficial Owner IMO

    technical_manager– Name of the technical manager

    technical_manager_imo– Technical Manager IMO


    Here is an API request example using IMO as a parameter for Vessel Classification Society:{API_KEY}&imo=9950404

    Classification Society Data API Response Example


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    About Classification Society Vessels Data


    Datalastic Classification Society Data is your ultimate source for comprehensive insights into a vessel’s safety and operational standards, available via our API subscription.

    We offer weekly updated data on classification society, survey dates, dry dock dates, technical manager specifics, and essential information such as engines vessel details well as the vessel’s registered country name and code.

    Different Vessel Types In One Database

    We have 48,950 records detailing vessels’ classification societies and their respective survey histories and vessel engine details. This covers a diverse range of ships, from cargo vessels and fishing boats to luxury yachts.

    Access this valuable information through our API or download it in an CSV report form for your convenience.

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