Maritime Companies API & Database

Assess maritime companies API database provides you with a comprehensive view and data about various maritime companies such as shipping companies, maritime brokerages, and their business information. 


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Maritime Companies API

Examples of the Maritime Companies API Types

Live Vessel Data API Endpoint

Shipping Companies

Get Shipping companies information and contact details in API format

Selected Zone tracking ship data Endpoint
Oil Companies

Access Oil Companies API and data on the company IMO number, website and more

Maritime Port Data Endpoint
Registred Owners

Get Maritime Registered Owners API with the contact details and business data

Vessel Descriptive information API Endpoint
Commercial Managers

Find business details of Commercial Managers data in an API format 

Maritime Companies Database 


This table offers a comprehensive overview of all data we have in our Maritime Companies Database and Maritime Companies API. It includes technical and operational details of various maritime companies. You can explore the data such as the type of services offered, fleet size, areas of operation, and other relevant data.

Field NameDescription
ShortNameThe short name or abbreviation of the company.
LongNameThe full name of the company.
CompanyTypeThe type of the company, chosen from a predefined list of options such as "Shipping Company", "Chartering Company", "Brokerage Firm", etc.
CountryCodeThe country where the company is based, chosen from a predefined list of country codes.
CompanyIMOThe International Maritime Organization (IMO) number assigned to the company, if applicable.
WebsiteThe company's website URL.
CompanyStatusThe status of the company, chosen from a predefined list of options such as "Active", "Inactive", "Merged", etc.
EmailThe company's email address for contact purposes.
PhoneThe company's phone number for contact purposes.
AddressThe company's physical address.
ParentCompanyNameThe name of the parent company, if applicable.

Get Your Sample of Marine Companies API Database

Our Maritime Companies API sample provides you with a selection of companies and their contact details, including their operations and services. The data provided in the sample is in a CSV format.

The Maritime Companies database API includes detailed information on companies from various countries, allowing you to explore their operations, services, and employment opportunities in the maritime sector.

Maritime Companies Database sample

Maritime Companies API  Call Example

    Search for maritime companies by their long names, providing a wide range of details such as company type, country code, company status, and more.

    Example Maritime Companies API Request:

    Request Parameters:

    api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

    IMO – IMO Vessel Number
    name– Company name

    Here is an example using name as parameter for Maritime Companies:{API_KEY}&imo=9169122
    Maritime Companies API Response Example:

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    Maritime Companies API and Database

    About Maritime Companies API

    The database provides a comprehensive list about companies operating in the maritime industry, as shipping, logistics, ports managers, and more. The Maritime Companies API includes all the essential details such as company name (both short and long), company type, country code, address, and other relevant data.

    We gather data about more than 14500 records about maritime companies.

    Our data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and completeness, and gathered all in one database, which is accessible via an API.