Worldwide Maritime Companies List

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Worldwide Maritime Companies List

The maritime industry, often termed the backbone of global trade, handles over 90% of the world’s trade volume. This industry is crucial, as it not only ensures the flow of goods across continents but also contributes to global economic stability. A Worldwide Maritime Companies List would be an invaluable resource in understanding the scope and operations of key players in this sector.

What are Big Companies for Shipping and Trading?

If we’re going to mention some of the big shipping and trading companies that are dominating the maritime sector names such as Denmark’s Maersk, Switzerland’s Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), and France’s CMA CGM. These companies dominate the industry with their massive fleets that include some of the largest container ships ever built. Maersk for example operates over 700 vessels and connects major ports worldwide.

How to Access Data of All Maritime Companies?

With advancements in technology, the access to information about shipping companies have transformed dramatically.

Today, through API calls, you can access comprehensive data on any maritime company, including their ownership history. This data encompasses a wide range of information such as company names (both short and long), owner data, company status, addresses, and more.

Case Study: Evergreen Marine Corporation

Let’s check more in details one of the industry’s giants, Evergreen Marine Corporation.

The company is knowing for its extensive fleet as they have over of 200 container ships that operates between the nothern Europe, East Mediterranean, and East America.

Evergreen as a maritime company plays a crucial role in the shipping industry and has different subdivisions.

Nowadays, you can access data through our API services, and you can obtain detailed information about Evergreen and other maritime companies.

Here is a snapshot of the kind of data you can retrieve via our API:

  • Company Name: Evergreen Marine Corporation
  • Owner: Chang Yung-fa Foundation
  • Status: Active
  • Address: 163, Sec. 1, Hsin-Nan Rd., Luchu Hsiang, Taoyuan Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C

A Data Sample from The API Response:

Maritime companies API response

Get Your Sample of Maritime Companies List

Our Maritime Companies API sample provides you with a selection of companies and their contact details, including their operations and services. The data provided in the sample is in a CSV format.

The Maritime Companies database API includes detailed information on companies from various countries, allowing you to explore their operations, services, and employment opportunities in the maritime sector.

Maritime Companies Database sample

Benefits of Accessing Maritime Data

Downloading a comprehensive list of maritime companies with detailed information not only provides valuable insights but also facilitates direct contact with these companies. This data is essential for businesses involved in global trade, logistics, and supply chain management, allowing them to make informed decisions and establish meaningful connections.

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