Vessel Ownership Data 101: An API Overview

Oct 20, 2023 | Maritime API

Vessel Ownership data API

Vessel ownership data serves as the cornerstone of numerous maritime operations, from supply chain logistics to regulatory compliance. Now, accessing details like the registered owner, vessel contact information, and ship owner data has been remarkably simplified through Vessel Ownership APIs.

In this article, you’ll find information on how to effortlessly acquire ownership vessel data and integrate it into your operations or research through one simple API request in less than 1minutes.

What is a Vessel Ownership API?

Vessel ownership data refers to the comprehensive information related to the legal ownership and management of ships. This data includes details like the owner’s name, beneficial owner name, contact information, and corporate structure, as well as the vessel’s registration number, flag state, and any historical records of past vessel ownership data. 

The vessel ownership data is provided through an API, offering a convenient way to access this information. With a single API request, you can obtain a wealth of details about any vessel, including the registered owner, beneficial owner, operator, vessel managers, contact information, and much more.

What Vessel Ownership Data is accessible through an API?

The data available through the API is the following: 

  • IMO: International Maritime Organization number, a unique identifier for ships.
  • Vessel Name: Name of the vessel.
  • Beneficial Owner: Entity enjoying the benefits of ownership, even if the title is in another name.
  • Beneficial Owner Country: Country of registration for the beneficial owner.
  • Operator: Organization responsible for day-to-day management.
  • Operator Country: Country where the operator is based.
  • Flag Name: Flag state of vessel registration.
  • Vessel Type Code: Type of vessel.
  • Built Year: Year of vessel construction.
  • Buyer: Entity that has purchased the vessel.
  • DWT Design: Maximum weight (Deadweight Tonnage Design) the vessel is designed to carry.
  • Class1 Code: Classification codes for vessel’s design, construction, and equipment compliance.
  • Technical Manager: Entity responsible for technical management.
  • Technical Manager Country: Country where the technical manager is based.
  • Commercial Manager: Organization responsible for commercial operations.
  • Commercial Manager Country: Country of registration for the commercial manager.

Guidance on how to get Ownership Vessel Data through API:

You can now easily obtain ownership information for any vessel you require in just three simple steps!

How to Get Started:

  1. Get an API key from a maritime data provider that offers vessel ownership data via API, such as Datalastic.
  2. After subscribing, you’ll receive the API key in your inbox, and it will be ready for use.
  3. Follow the guidance below to make your first successful API request.
Example Vessel Ownership API Request:

Request Parameters:

api-key – Your API Key sent to you via email upon your successful registration

imo– IMO vessel number

name– Vessel name.

beneficial_owner– Name of the beneficial owner.

operator– Name of the operator.

technical_manager– Name of the technical manager.

commercial_manager– Name of the commercial manager.

Here is an example using from,to as parameter for Vessel Onwership:

Vessel Ownership API Response Example:

Integrating Vessel Ownership API: Benefits and Technical Requirements

If you’re looking to access or integrate vessel ownership data via API into your solution, you’ve come to the right place.

Supported API Formats and Languages:

The API is compatible with JSON, PHP, Node, Go, Ruby and Python. A full documentation of the Programming languages code examples is available.

Ownership Data Subscription Benefits:

With any subscription to our maritime reports endpoint—which includes vessel ownership data—you’ll have the ability to make an unlimited number of requests and access an unlimited amount of data.

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