Maritime REST API Benefits

Jan 14, 2022

Maritime REST API

Maritime REST API is a data service that allows you to access maritime data via Application Programming Interface or shortly API. 

Maritime API facilitates global access to vessel movements, port data, and historical information about vessel movements.

Marine data has a great flexibility and multiple features facilitate user to create the custom solution using the maritime REST API. 

Datalastic’s Self-Service Maritime REST API platform is the simplest solution out on the market. It is the only maritime data provider that allows you to get your maritime REST API key automatically in under 3 clicks and 5 minutes.

What is Maritime REST API?

In the Maritime industry and outside of it, Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural API style that sets and provides standards between systems on the web. REST is neither a protocol, library, nor tool, so communication between systems becomes easy.

The REST API architecture makes the implementation of the Client and Server independent without affecting the operation of the other.

As a result, developers and end-users can instantly access and use maritime API with any major programming language such as CURL, Java, PHP, Node, Python, Go, etc. 

With Datalastic’s REST API Platform, you have open access to global maritime information coverage that it is updated near real-time. 

Maritime REST API Description

Maritime API SELF-SERVICE System

The big bottleneck in marine data is the process of getting the maritime API key. It is not an issue anymore.

Datalastic’s SELF-SERVICE system allows you to access all this maritime data within 3 super easy steps.

With an accurate real-time maritime data API with global coverage, stored in our powerful marine database you are enabled to facilitate your project with maritime data. Along with, Datalastic’s Historical Data API and Static Maritime Data, movements of cargo ships, locations, speed, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) & more, are constantly being monitored updated, and checked for quality improvements..


datalastic self service system

3-Steps SELF-SERVICE Maritime REST API System

Maritime Port Data Endpoint

1 – Select Your Plan

Our plans are based on the monthly rate of “requests” to the database.

For example, if you request the current position of 5 vessels, you will have spent 5 points from your monthly balance rate.

After choosing the plan that most fits your project, click on ‘Get Your API KEY

2 – Subscribe

Before subscribing, on the check-out page, you will create your Datalastic account by simply typing your username, a valid email address and your private password.

By default, card payment through Stripe is set, PayPal payment option is available too.

Maritime API Services

3 – Receive your API Key

Once the payment is processed successfully, you will receive immediately a Welcome Email with your username, your API KEY, and the plan that you have previously chosen.

You are ready to GO!

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your plan in Your Account menu section. 

About Datalastic: Marine AIS Data API

Datalastic was established in 2017 as a Maritime Data Provider. Right from the beginning, we focused on the input & output from clients to satisfy their maritime data needs.

That is why we launched the Datalastic API platform.

A Maritime API capable of bringing from Datalastic servers to clients, dynamic maritime data based on their personal parameters.

With our unstoppable goal of making it more simple, soon, we started to find new ways to improve the Datalastic API platform, as well as, testing new API Architectures for easier communication. We launched a new system, in particular, an accessible REST API platform for users.

Martitime Data AIS API
Global Maritime AIS Data Coverage Conclusion

Don’t Miss Any Maritime Data With Datalastic’s SELF-SERVICE System

Interested in acceding to a new perspective of maritime data? Start now! You can get your API Key to access all the AIS Data within a minute! Click the button below to get started right away!

Our team would be happy to assist you with your questions anytime, so feel free to contact us to talk about how our data can help you grow your business or help you increase efficiency in maritime operations. Samples available!

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