Find any major maritime port around the world

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Find any major port around the world

Maritime port data such as port name, location, and coordinates, are important information in the maritime and supply chain industry. Since ports are a vital part of our global economy by allowing trade and serving as a hub for the global supply chain industry. Port information is also essential to analyze routes for vessels (cargo and passenger ships).

 We will cover in this article how to find all the port data even when you don’t know the name or the location of the port.

How can I find any seaport data?


Using our maritime port API, you can from now on find data about any seaport around the world.

We made it easy for our users to find all the port data through our API services. With our background in the maritime industry, we know what a business or a developer may need and we work on delivering that.

If you check the Port finder endpoint, you’ll find that you can filter your search and make it more specific instead of a generic one that can consume your time and energy without getting any accurate results.


Check with us the different  search filters that you can use to get port data:

  1. Name: you can search by port name and find all the data related to that specific port such as location, country, and coordinates.
  2. Type: if you want to narrow your search more, you can search by port type, just need to choose between these common types: Port, Anchorage, Marina, Offshore Terminal, Shelter, Demolition Yard, Canal, and Fishing Harbour.
  3. Country: you can retrieve all the different ports in one country in a single API request. The maritime API will allow you to get a list of all the maritime ports in that country with related data.

In order to search by country, you need to find the country_iso ( 2 letters code) in google (for example Sweden= SE) and put it later in the API request.

  1. Port UN/LOCODE: the port UN/LOCODE (UN/LOCODE is assigned codes to locations used in trade and transport), the seaport code consists of five characters. Each port around the world has its own UN/LOCODE that you can use.
  2. Coordinates (lat/lon and radius) : you can find a port in a circle area of defined longitude and latitude as a center and radius around that defined center in NM. It will be a good option if you don’t have access to all the previous filters we mentioned. 

Our maritime API will return data for all and any port located in that area.

How can I access port data API?

We gather data for more than 21K active ports worldwide and in one API endpoint, the port finder endpoint. 

You can get access to the port data that we save in our database in 3 steps only.

This is how: 

  1. Visit our Pricing page
  2. Choose the suitable plan for you
  3. Get the API key delivered to your email inbox 

How can I get the seaport database?

As one of the fastest-growing maritime providers in this industry, the complete database that we have created gathers every type of port around the world. 

The database comes in Excel format, which is the most favored format for developers and clients of all sectors and it’s also downloadable.


The port database represents this data:

  • Port names: name of ports
  • Port codes: UN/LOCODE of ports
  • Port types: the different types of port such as: Port, Anchorage, Marina, Offshore Terminal, Shelter, Demolition Yards, Canals, and Fishing Harbours.
  • Country: country where the port is located
  • Longitude and Latitude of the marine port
  • The time zone the port is located in


The seaport database is an excel list that gathers data about all the seaports that exist around the world. We collect this data after analyzing and tracking the port activity, In addition to that, our vessel tracking system can allow us to know more about the port traffic and coordinates.

Like any of our databases, you can always download a sample and get an idea about the data included in the database and how is it organized.


Get Complete Ports Database Now!

Interested? You can get the complete port database within a minute and start using the data! Click the button below to get started!

Our team would be happy to assist you with your questions anytime, so feel free to contact us at

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