Maritime Data Quality

Dec 24, 2020 | AIS Tracking, Maritime API

Maritime data quality is the key question for any database provider. How to make sure that the vessel data provided is reliable, frequent, and serves the needs in the maritime industry. 

What is Maritime Data?

Maritime data is big data information collected from vessels and ports for analyzing, tracking, and information gathering purposes. Data collected from the vessels and port movements can serve in many industries related to maritime such as logistics, shipping, manufacturing, or complimentary services for the maritime industry (finance, ERP, CRM for maritime). 

Throughout history, maritime tracking has changed from a basic data collection on the vessels coming in the ports to the current era of data collection. 

Nowadays, satellites and terrestrial towers collect maritime data on many very detailed information about ships. Ships location, departure, arrival, speed, name of the vessel, goods on the ship, and much more.  With so much overwhelming amount of information, it is very easy to get lost and lose the track of the data quality.  

Why can it be hard to ensure data quality?

There are hundred thousand ships in the oceans and seas every minute, to be able to track them and record the information properly, it needs to be a smart process that knows how to handle maritime Big Data. 

Weather conditions, the hardware on the vessel, and other factors can affect the signal and data stream. 

You can read a full article about the obstacles for data collection. 

How to Get the Best Database?

The most common way to obtain data is to receive an excel with information about the vessels. 

This static data is tho quickly gets out of date and requires to be renewed and redownloaded. 

A more reliable option is to connect to the maritime database directly by acquiring an API key to the database. With that, you assure you to have the best live-streamed data any time you require. 

Datalastic Data Quality Assurance 

We constantly monitor and work on our data quality improvement. Datalastic cross-checks data with the partners to ensure that the data is accurate and receives its own data from the AIS towers. 

All that ensures 99.98% server uptime and 93.2% customer satisfaction rate according to Datalastic surveys. 

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