Flight Tracker API

Flight Tracker API

Get real-time aircraft location and speed data with Aviation Edge Flight Tracker API. The flight tracking data allows you to monitor an aircraft’s real-time location, speed, and status throughout its route. The API uses REST which allows a clear and simple integration experience since this structure is widely recognized with lots of libraries available online.

  • Geographic Details:
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Altitude
    • Direction
  • Speed:
    • Horizontal
    • Versus the ground
    • Vertical
  • Flight Details:
    • Departure and arrival airports
    • Flight number
  • Aircraft Details:
    • Registration number
    • Aircraft model ICAO code

Flight Tracking API Specifications:

The Flight Tracking API is useful for building virtual maps to track the current locations, status and speed of live, airborne planes. Many parameters you can use in the request URL allow you to display flights of a certain airline, flights departing from or arriving at certain airports or just one flight by its flight number.

Fetch all live flights in the world or limit the output to your desire. The Flight Tracking API tracks more than 15K flights at any given time. Thanks to its global data, you can build projects and market them to your multinational clientele.

Endpoint with the server: https://aviation-edge.com/v2/public/flights

Example Flight Tracking API Request:


Available parameters:

&depIata= Get flights that have departed from an airport (ICAO code available as well)
&arrIata= Get flights that are to arrive at an airport (ICAO code available as well)
&regNum= Track an aircraft by its registration number
&aircraftIcao24= Track all flights with an aircraft model
&airlineIata= Track all flights of an airline
&flightIata= Monitor an individual flight by its flight number
&status= Track all flights with the same status (can be “started”, “en-route”, “unknown”, “landed”)
&limit= Limit the number of flights in the output
&lat=&lng=&distance= Get all flights within a circled area based on coordinates (distance is in “km”)

Example Output:

"aircraft": {
"iataCode": "B789",
"icao24": "71C082",
"icaoCode": "B789",
"regNumber": "HL8082"
"airline": {
"iataCode": "KE",
"icaoCode": "KAL"
"arrival": {
"iataCode": "DFW",
"icaoCode": "KDFW"
"departure": {
"iataCode": "ICN",
"icaoCode": "RKSI"
"flight": {
"iataNumber": "KE31",
"icaoNumber": "KAL031",
"number": "31"
"geography": {
"altitude": 11277.6,
"direction": 124.0,
"latitude": 42.26,
"longitude": -110.51
"speed": {
"horizontal": 1029.71,
"isGround": 0.0,
"vspeed": 0.0
"status": "en-route",
"system": {
"squawk": null,
"updated": 1689164219

Flight Tracker API Coverage:

The Flight Tracker API covers all airlines, airports and routes globally. This is because the API delivers data on all ADSB-equipped aircraft and the vast majority of aircraft worldwide are in fact equipped with this system. An aircraft to be equipped with ADSB is mandatory in a large portion of the world and it is a recognized standard in air traffic safety. Aviation Edge Flight Tracking API aggregates real-time data from various sources that pick up ADSB data in different regions of the world. In this way, it is a one-in-all tool when it comes to flight tracking data.