Flight Schedules API

Flight Schedules API

Flight Schedules API developed by Aviation Edge provides real-time, historical and future airport timetable data. Track departure and arrival schedules of airports worldwide. Alternatively, use an airline filter to track an airline’s flight schedule.

  •   Flight number
  •   Estimated/scheduled/actual departure and arrival times
  •   Runway times
  •   Departure and arrival airport codes
  •   Flight status
  •   Flight delay
  •   Baggage, terminal and gate

Live Flight Schedules API:

All changeable values in the Live Flight Schedules API output, such as the times, delays, and status, are updated in real-time. This feature allows for the tracking of flight information throughout its course. By implementing the API, your users can not only view estimated departure and arrival times, but they can also check the current delay of a flight. As a result, this enables them to deliver a timely service for their clients. Additionally, the flight status value makes it possible to keep track of canceled flights. Moreover, the Live Flight Schedules API also makes it possible to calculate the total flight time based on the actual departure and arrival times.

Example Live flight API Request:



"airline": {
"iataCode": "AT",
"icaoCode": "RAM",
"name": "Royal Air Maroc"
"arrival": {
"actualRunway": "2023-07-12T04:50:00.000",
"actualTime": "2023-07-12T04:50:00.000",
"baggage": "7",
"delay": null,
"estimatedRunway": "2023-07-12T04:50:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2023-07-12T04:49:00.000",
"gate": "6",
"iataCode": "JFK",
"icaoCode": "KJFK",
"scheduledTime": "2023-07-12T05:21:00.000",
"terminal": "8"
"codeshared": {
"airline": {
"iataCode": "aa",
"icaoCode": "aal",
"name": "american airlines"
"flight": {
"iataNumber": "aa10",
"icaoNumber": "aal10",
"number": "10"
"departure": {
"actualRunway": "2023-07-11T20:57:00.000",
"actualTime": "2023-07-11T20:57:00.000",
"baggage": null,
"delay": "12",
"estimatedRunway": "2023-07-11T20:57:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2023-07-11T20:45:00.000",
"gate": "42B",
"iataCode": "LAX",
"icaoCode": "KLAX",
"scheduledTime": "2023-07-11T20:45:00.000",
"terminal": "4"
"flight": {
"iataNumber": "AT5035",
"icaoNumber": "RAM5035",
"number": "5035"
"status": "landed",
"type": "arrival"

Available parameters for airport schedules API:

&iataCode= The IATA (International Air Transport Association) airport code
&type= This specifies the type of data being requested, such as ‘arrival’ or ‘departure’
&status= Current status of the flight; e.g., ‘scheduled’, ‘delayed’, ‘landed’
&dep_terminal= The terminal from which the flight will depart
&dep_delay= The departure delay in minutes
&dep_schTime= The scheduled time of departure
&arr_terminal= The terminal where the flight will arrive
&arr_delay= Arrival delay in minutes
&arr_schTime= The scheduled time of arrival
&airline_name= Name of the airline &airline_iata= The IATA code for the airline
&flight_num= The flight number
&flight_iata= The IATA code for the flight
&codeshared= Information on whether the flight is codeshared with another airline
and 15 more.

A “&lang=” parameter is available for the live Flight Schedules API which aims to return data in the requested language. Contact the team to learn more about this feature.

Airports Schedules Data Specifications:

All airport schedules data is delivered via a JSON REST API. Notably, JSON is a lightweight format, primarily due to its compact structure. Additionally, its human-readable nature makes it easier to understand both the full structure and the quality of the data. Furthermore, it is compatible with all major programming languages, such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, C++, TypeScript, PHP, Ruby, Swift, and Go.

Airlines Schedules:

The Flight Schedules API comprehensively covers all airlines, ranging from LCCs to full-service airlines. It also includes codeshared flights, which have the same flight number but are actually operated by another airline. Specifically, when a flight is codeshared, you will see this distinction clearly in the response, as the flight values will begin with the “codeshared:” column.

In addition, you can use the airline filters to fetch the schedule of a certain airline only. To accomplish this, you can do so by specifying the airline’s name, IATA, or ICAO number, depending on your preference.


Historical Schedules Data:

Historical schedules are available under the same API server but a different endpoint which is “/flightsHistory?”

Example Historical Schedules API Request:



"type": "arrival",
"status": "landed",
"departure": {
"iataCode": "lax",
"icaoCode": "klax",
"terminal": "5",
"gate": "53b",
"delay": 29,
"scheduledTime": "2023-03-03t10:25:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2023-03-03t10:25:00.000",
"actualTime": "2023-03-03t10:53:00.000",
"estimatedRunway": "2023-03-03t10:53:00.000",
"actualRunway": "2023-03-03t10:53:00.000"
"arrival": {
"iataCode": "jfk",
"icaoCode": "kjfk",
"terminal": "5",
"baggage": "3",
"gate": "12",
"scheduledTime": "2023-03-03t19:00:00.000",
"estimatedTime": "2023-03-03t18:40:00.000",
"actualTime": "2023-03-03t18:36:00.000",
"estimatedRunway": "2023-03-03t18:36:00.000",
"actualRunway": "2023-03-03t18:36:00.000"
"airline": {
"name": "jetblue airways",
"iataCode": "b6",
"icaoCode": "jbu"
"flight": {
"number": "324",
"iataNumber": "b6324",
"icaoNumber": "jbu324"
The historical schedules data has the same details and parameter availability as the live flight schedules. In addition, the historical API allows you to set a certain date or a date range and delivers you the full schedule data for the given date(s).

Get historical flight delay and cancellation data for flight compensation claims

Calculate average delay and cancellation rates for airports and airlines

Flight Delays API:

 Flight delay information is widely used for multiple purposes. On one hand, it serves real-time services such as airport pick-up, ride-hailing, and ride-sharing services. On the other hand, it is also utilized historically for flight compensation claims. The Flight Delays API is particularly useful in this context, as it returns both live and historical delay data for any flight. Therefore, you can efficiently answer flight compensation claims by making use of this extensive delay data, which covers hundreds of thousands of flights worldwide that took place over the last 3 years.

Future schedules

You can access future schedules under the same API and API key as well. The endpoint for future schedules is “/flightsFuture?”

Example Flight Delays API Request:



"weekday": "1",
"departure": {
"iataCode": "ber",
"icaoCode": "eddb",
"terminal": "2",
"gate": "b36",
"scheduledTime": "09:15"
"arrival": {
"iataCode": "bcn",
"icaoCode": "lebl",
"terminal": "2",
"gate": "b30",
"scheduledTime": "11:50"
"aircraft": {
"modelCode": "b738",
"modelText": "boeing 737-8as"
"airline": {
"name": "ryanair",
"iataCode": "fr",
"icaoCode": "ryr"
"flight": {
"number": "132",
"iataNumber": "fr132",
"icaoNumber": "ryr132"
 Future schedules API allows setting up a date parameter and returns complete airport schedules, or airline schedules when an airline parameter is used. This way, your users can enter a departure and arrival airport, a travel date and optionally an airline, and the schedules API will deliver a list of available flights for your clients to choose from. Future schedules are particularly useful for flight booking and travel platforms.