Flight API

Flight API

Access real-time, historical and future dates flight API to get flight status, location, delay, route data and more. Flight APIs of Aviation Edge are useful data tools for developers with global flight data and uptime rates of 99.9%.


  • Flight Tracking: Keep tabs on live flights with real-time data like latitude/longitude, speed, and more.
  • Flight Status & Delays: Access both historical and real-time flight status, complete with delay metrics in minutes.
  • Airport Schedules: Browse through complete airport schedules for specific dates or in real-time.
  • Estimated Arrival Times: Optimize your ground services by tracking estimated flight arrival times.
  • Route Information: Discover the details of operating airline routes.
  • Autocomplete: Implement a city and airport autocomplete feature to make it easier for users to input departure and arrival locations.
  • Baggage, Terminal, and Gate: Get the scoop on baggage claim areas, departure and arrival terminals, and gates.

Flights API Use Cases:

The Flight API is ideally suitable for a range of applications including flight booking platforms, travel agencies, airlines, airport operation providers, airport pick-up services, ride-hailing and ride-sharing services, as well as independent developers. Importantly, the Flight Data API license comprehensively covers commercial use for all involved parties. You can seamlessly integrate Aviation Edge’s flight data with the invaluable support of a dedicated team of developers who are highly experienced in the aviation sector. In doing so, you can concentrate on building profitable projects. Furthermore, the flight data coverage notably spans multiple regions such as the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East/Africa, effectively catering to projects that focus on any global market.

Historical Flight API:

Historical and future date availability of the Flights API makes it a perfect choice for flight delay compensation solutions and flight booking platforms while the real-time data is beneficial for travel and hospitality agencies and ground operations.

With the Flight API of Aviation Edge, you can fetch all live flights via a single API call or filter flights based on a particular airline, departure or arrival destination, flight status or flight number. Various parameters are available to help you receive the data you want with every API call without having to filter large-sized responses on your end.

Flights API Specifications:

Aviation Edge Flights API is a REST API that responds in JSON format. As REST is a widely adopted structure with countless sources and libraries online, Flights API is a useful tool for developers of all levels. In addition to clear documentation provided on the website, you can request support from a team of developers every step of the way via email.

With different endpoints of Aviation Edge Flight Data API, you can get all this under one API key:

/flights?Flight tracking
/airportDatabase?Global airport database
/timetable?Real-time airport schedules
/routes?Airline routes database
/airplaneDatabase?Aircraft registration database
/flightsHistory?Historical airport schedules
/flightsFuture?Future-date airport schedules
/autocomplete?City and airport autocomplete

Access the Flights API and track +1000 airlines operating in thousands of airports globally. The flight data includes cargo flights, private flights, low-cost carriers and full-service airlines. As the Flights API provides data that is aggregated from multiple trusted sources and data partners of Aviation Edge, it saves its users the trouble of aggregating and managing different flight data sources.

Flight Data API Plans:

Select the most suitable Flight Data API plan tailored to the scope of your specific project. For the initial month, you’ll enjoy a special discount, granting you up to 500K API calls. Importantly, Flight Data API subscriptions come with zero long-term commitments, signifying that you’re free to cancel at any given time without incurring any extra fees. Conveniently gain access to consistently updated flight information via the Flight API. This ensures that your clients consistently see accurate and factual information when using your platform.

Effortlessly obtain informations such as flight departure times, arrival times, and runway times in the forms of scheduled, actual, and estimated values. Moreover, you can also acquire flight dates, destinations, airlines, airports, flight statuses, total delays, aircraft types, geographical locations, speeds, and even autocomplete data, all by simply utilizing a single Flights API key.