Maritime API in Mobile Apps Examples

Jan 21, 2020 | Maritime API

The Best Apps using Maritime API

Maritime data and ship position data are very dynamic and therefore it is hard to collect and store it. That is why many apps prefer to simply use maritime API to connect to the databases about ships and port information. 

Hereon you will see the use cases of API in the real world and hopefully, you will get inspired to start with your own similar project. 

Free Maritime Apps

There are a few handy apps that use maritime API to update sailors and hobbyists about different aspects of ships, ports, and other related maritime data. 

Maritime Data Use Cases

ITF Seafarers – Find Vessel Info

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is an international trade union federation of transport workers’ unions which includes almost 150 countries in the federation. ITF created a free mobile app where you can find a vessel by the ship name or IMO number of a vessel. You can also lookup an inspector or related union information and contact ITF with the contact details provided.

See the example of the information you would typically get if you look up the vessel you are interested it.

You recieve static information about ship such as IMO number, status, Inspection history and more. Also, you have an option to recieve live location of a vessel.


ITF Seafarers Maritime API example
ITF Seafarers Mobile App

Maritime World Ports Mobile App

Get all the data about ports that you may need. This free application contains a comprehensive database of ports’ information. See the example on the right for a screenshot of the type of data you would typically get.

Checking Rotterdam port yields information such as Port number, characteristics, services, location, facilities, and much more.



World Ports Mobile App
World Ports Mobile App

Maritime API in Mobile Apps

C-Map Marine Charts Data Mobile App

The C-MAP app provides nautical maps along with navigation, traffic, and weather information to help you plan your next trip on the water.
The interface is easy and there are 2 weeks of free trial where you can test the app and decide if it is worthy continuing using it.

World Ports Mobile App

How Can You Use Maritime Data?

 All in all, after Datalastic gathers AIS data, developers can access it via REST API on

You can use the data to track ships, perform analytics or integrate maritime data in your application or project for further uses. Also, based on your project and integration with dynamic maritime AIS data it is only up to you, your imagination and creativity how to use the information. 

To conclude, it is up to you how to use the API key to get maximum out of vessels data. Give it a try and see how flexible and intuitive it is to use with Datalastic API. 



AIS data use diagram