Inspections and Detentions Vessel Database

Access the global vessel inspection and detention database (D&I) in CSV format or as an API. Ensure the safety and compliance of maritime vessels with our comprehensive inspections and detentions database and get weekly updates data reports.

Vessel Inspections and Detention Data Details


Explore the technical data specifications inspection and detention details of vessels.

This table provides you with a complete overview of our static vessel detention and inspection records, with detailed explanations for each record, and with the possibility to add more additional vessel data or choose to leave out some of the data fields.

Note: You can add more records related to the inspection and detention vessel data, such as the reason for detention, duration of a vessel detention, and outcome of a ship inspection, to the database and other specification of vessels.

Field NameDescription
IMONumberThe unique identification number of the vessel
VesselNameThe name of the vessel
VesselTypeCodeThe type of the vessel, categorized based on its function
InspectionDateThe date when the vessel was last inspected
InspectionAuthorityThe organization responsible for conducting the inspection
FlagCodeThe country where the vessel is registered
BuiltYearThe year when the vessel was built
DWTDesignThe maximum weight of cargo the vessel can carry
InspectionPortThe location where the inspection took place
InspectionTypeThe type of inspection conducted on the vessel
DetentionWhether the vessel was detained as a result of the inspection
Deficiency_DescriptionA description of any deficiencies identified during inspection
Class1CodeThe classification society responsible for certifying the vessel
Company(TechnicalManager)The company responsible for the technical management of the vessel
CountryCodeThe country where the company is based
WebsiteThe website of the company responsible for the vessel
EmailThe email address of the company responsible for the vessel
PhoneThe phone number of the company responsible for the vessel
AddressThe address of the company responsible for the vessel
CompanyIMOThe IMO number of the company responsible for the vessel
TradingStatusCodeThe status of the vessel, categorized based on its trading activity
about inspections and detentions database

sAbout The Inspections and Detention Database

Our mission is to provide our customers with accurate and up-to-date data on vessels that have undergone inspections or detentions by authorities around the world.

Our inspection and detention ship database contain a wealth of data on vessels, including their IMO numbers, vessel names, vessel type codes, inspection dates and authorities, flag codes, built years, detentions, and much more.

Whether you’re a shipowner, insurer, or other maritime professionals, our database can help you make more informed decisions and better manage risk.

Download the D&I Report  Database Sample

Our sample data file includes a representative subset of the information that you can expect to find in our full vessel inspection and detention database. This includes vessel information such as IMO number, vessel name, vessel type code, flag code, built year, and detention data.

We invite you to download our sample inspection and detention vessel data file and explore the diversity of information it contains. We are confident that you will find it to be a valuable resource for your maritime business needs.