Download Vessel Engine Types Database in Excel

Download engine types databse and receive the engine specs about ships around the globe.

See the example of the CSV downloadable full vessel database available for instant use and applications. In the archive, you will receive a spreadsheet with vessels IMO, Vessels name, Vessel Type, year built, trading Category, vessel GT (gross tonnage), engine designation, Propulsion type, MCO (Manufacturers Certificate of Origin), engine builder, and engine designer names. 


Download csv Vessel Engine Type database

Frequently Asked Questions

What data format will I recieve in the vessels list?

Static vessel data that you can download are available in csv. format and can be opened in Excel or other applications. 

I need vessels and ports data, how do I purchase both?

You can purchase a full package of maritime ports data separately. 

Can I download data only for limited vessels?

The vessels and ports data can be obtained as a global list only, you can always search for the required vessels and ports using CTRL+F option in Excel. 

Do I get access to vessels static data in Datalastic API data service?

Datalastic vessel API provides also access to static vessel information the same which is available in this list and dynamic data (such as ships movement). Another benefit of the API is that the static data is updated regularly, so you will always have the latest maritime vessels and ports information with no effort.

I cannot access my Datalastic account

Please, contact us at and we will assist you within 24h with the inquiry. 

My vessels static data is avalible for 10 days after the purchase only?

Vessels data is updated regularly and the data lists get frequently outdated. That is why you need to purchase a new list after 10 days, as it contains refreshed information and is not the same as the previous CSV file. You can also use Datalastic maritime API web services to have an access to the latest data only.