Real-time Ship Tracking API & ETA

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Datalastic API provides ship’s current position and related information such as longitude, altitude, speed, vessel course, vessel destination, and more.

Choose to call only 1 vessel or multiple in 1 database request (aka bulk request). You can simply add the vessels you are interested in tracking directly in the line.


  • uuid – Vessel UUID
  • mmsi – Vessel MMSI
  • imo – Vessel IMO

1 Vessel Request Example:{YOUR_API_KEY}&uuid=b8625b67-7142-cfd1-7b85-595cebfe4191{YOUR_API_KEY}&mmsi=566093000{YOUR_API_KEY}&imo=9525338

Bulk Vessels Request Example:{YOUR_API_KEY}&mmsi=566093000&mmsi=339301230&uuid=0000a557-080f-6d5e-ee24-e96ec26bcfc1


    "data": {
        "uuid": "b8625b67-7142-cfd1-7b85-595cebfe4191",
        "name": "MAERSK CHENNAI",
        "mmsi": "566093000",
        "imo": "9525338",
        "eni": null,
        "country_iso": "SG",
        "type": "Cargo - Hazard A (Major)",
        "type_specific": "Container Ship",
        "lat": 6.303473,
        "lon": 3.201678,
        "speed": 0,
        "course": 326,
        "navigational_status": "Under Way using engine"" 
        "heading": 226,
        "destination": "TANGER MED",
        "last_position_epoch": 1620484020,
        "last_position_UTC": "2021-05-08T14:27:00Z"
        "eta_epoch": 1620671246
        "eta_UTC": "2021-05-10T18:27:26Z"
    "meta": {
        "duration": 0.00246942,
        "endpoint": "/api/v0/vessel",
        "success": true
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