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To start using the maritime API access key you will need to register and subscribe to Datalastic maritime web services. After that in you will receive an API Access Key.

See How to Activate your Account in 5 simple steps, under 5 minutes. 

1 API key is assigned to 1 account, so if you need multiple APIs please create multiple accounts or contact us at support@datalastic.com.

Keep your key secure: make sure you know where you store your API key and who gets the information. You can always generate a new API key by writing a request to support@datalastic.com.


API Access Key & Authentication

To connect to Datalastic API, use the {YOUR_API_KEY} parameter with any valid API endpoint URL and set it to your access key. 


Example API request:



Datalastic API data can be included in the header, body, or as parameters to a request. The following sample demonstrates authentication with an API Key that is a parameter in a request URL.  

Example API request:


The following sample demonstrates how to use an API Key as a parameter in an HTTPS header using cURL

curl https://api.datalastic.com/api/v0/stat -H  "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}"

JSON Structure

Each response has two sections:

  • “data” – contain request result.
  • “meta” – contain useful metadata. 


"data": {
"user_id": "{YOUR_API_KEY}",
"key_status": "Valid",
"requests_made": 112,
"requests_remaining": 888


"meta": {
"duration": 0.047550193,
"endpoint": "/api/v0/stat",
"success": true


If the request was successful, then "meta""success": true

256-bit HTTPS Encryption

With Datalastic maritime API subscription plans, you can enjoy the industry-standard 256-but HTTPS  (SSL) encryption. Simply replace http with https.

Example API request:


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