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How to access the maritime API key with Datalastic? 

To start using the maritime API access key you will need to register and subscribe to Datalastic maritime web services. After that in you will receive an API Access Key.

Database requests consumption 

By requesting data from the Datalastic database you spend your database request monthly package. 

Within your plan that you subscribe for, you gain a monthly requests package that you can use for any endpoints available with Datalastic services.

Each successful request for 1 vessel to the database is counted as -1 in your request plan.

For example, if you request 3 vessels’ real-time location with the request allowance of 1000 you will remain with 997 requests.

So if you would like to track 100 vessels per month with data update 1 time per hour you will consume 100*24*30=72000 requests. 

You can track as many vessels as you would like with any frequency you want and any endpoints as long as you don’t exceed your requests consumption package.

If you exceed your requests package you will need to wait for the new billing month for requests to update or upgrade to a higher plan. 

Unsuccessful requests that do not retrieve any data are not subtracted from your request package.

API Access Key & Authentication

To connect to Datalastic API, use the {YOUR_API_KEY} parameter with any valid API endpoint URL and set it to your access key. 


Example API request:



Datalastic API data can be included in the header, body, or as parameters to a request. The following sample demonstrates authentication with an API Key that is a parameter in a request URL.  

Example API request:


The following sample demonstrates how to use an API Key as a parameter in an HTTPS header using cURL

curl https://api.datalastic.com/api/v0/stat -H  "Authorization: Bearer {YOUR_API_KEY}"

JSON Structure

Each response has two sections:

  • “data” – contain request result.
  • “meta” – contain useful metadata. 


"data": {
"user_id": "{YOUR_API_KEY}",
"key_status": "Valid",
"requests_made": 112,
"requests_remaining": 888


"meta": {
"duration": 0.047550193,
"endpoint": "/api/v0/stat",
"success": true


If the request was successful, then "meta""success": true

256-bit HTTPS Encryption

With Datalastic maritime API subscription plans, you can enjoy the industry-standard 256-but HTTPS  (SSL) encryption. Simply replace http with https.

Example API request:


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